Cheap Rx Reviews: The Internet Pharmacy You Can Trust

Cheap Rx is a 17-year old internet pharmacy. A network of internet drugstores that serves generic and branded medicines, Cheap Rx is based in Canada. Despite operating from Canada, the majority of the medicines offered by Cheap Rx are manufactured by Indian pharma companies with some from Canadian and US pharmaceutical companies. The main supplier of their e-stores though is Indian companies. All medicines shipped from India are Indian FDA approved.

This chain of internet dispensaries offers the largest selection of generic medicines on the web. They have few branded medicines to offer yet in order to make their offers more affordable, the majority are generic brands. Most of the medicines they sell like Viagra, Amoxil, Zithromax, Cialis, and Propecia are less than $1 each.

Cheap Rx Reviews

Customer reviews tell the real experience of people who used a certain product or service. There are customer reviews that can promote and build a store’s name. There are customer reviews that can also break a store’s reputation. Lastly, there are customer reviews that can promote a product or a service and serves as a free advertisement. Customer reviews that say they recommend the product or service are among the best kind of customer reviews. With our mounting interest with Cheap Rx and its products, we searched the internet for its customer reviews.

Cheap Rx Reviews

The first customer review we found for Cheap Rx was shared by its Austrian customer named Jessica. Jessica praised the pricing of Cheap Rx e-drugstores.

Another review that praises Cheap Rx was shared by David from Germany. He said that his orders arrived on time and that he was happy he tried it. His wife is also happy.

The last review we picked for Cheap Rx was written by Michael. Michael is the kind of customer that checks reviews to validate the promise of the store before using it. After reading some reviews for Cheap Rx, he tried it and was never sorry he did. He said that this e-dispensary has the best pricing for the medicine he needed at the time.

So far, the customer reviews that we found for Cheap Rx are positive reviews that can easily attract new customers. In the last 17 years since this network of online pharmacies started, it is no doubt that they have been taking care of their customers by ensuring that they are happy and satisfied.

Cheap Rx Online

For any type of medication, whether to treat diabetes, hypertension, allergies, infections, or hair loss, Cheap Rx e-stores have it for you. The network of Cheap Rx has a long list of available medicines to offer and if you see it on their website, it means it is ready for shipping. They also offer up to 30 brands of erectile dysfunction medicines and up to 20 brands of pain relief medications. The cheapest ED drug from Cheap Rx is their $0.27 per tablet generic Viagra while the cheapest pain relief medication is Voveran at $0.17 per pill.

Cheap Rx Page

Getting your medication from Cheap Rx is easy as they accept credit card for payment. They also ship orders via Airmail and EMS Courier. If you want to save on delivery and you can wait up to 3 weeks, just opt for Airmail delivery. EMS delivery costs $10 more yet delivery can only take up to 8 days.

Cheap Rx Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are very enticing. Sometimes, browsing customers are tempted to make a purchase because they saw a coupon code that they can use in order to get more discount. As for Cheap Rx, ordering your medicines from this network of online pharmacies wouldn’t require you to have a coupon code in order to save. Currently, they do not offer coupon codes but they do giveaway perks that you might want to take advantage of.

Cheap Rx Perks

Cheap Rx is currently running a promotion allowing their customers to get 10 pieces of 100 mg Viagra and 10 pieces of 20 mg Cialis for only $46.16. in addition to this special offer that they are running, Cheap Rx is also giving away free pills in every order.

Cheap Rx Phone Numbers

When it comes to reporting issues or having problems with our online orders, the best way is always by talking to someone over the phone. Cheap Rx understands this hence they provided their customers with a phone support team.

Cheap Rx Contact Number

If you are a customer in the UK, you can contact their support team at 4420 3239 7092. If you are residing in the US, the number to dial is 718 487 9792. If you are a customer anywhere in the world except for the two countries mentioned above, the best way to get in touch with the support team of Cheap Rx is via their ‘contact us’ page. Just fill in the information needed and wait for their response within 24 hours.

Cheap Rx Spam and Phone Calls

Cheap Rx is not practicing spam marketing. In fact, they are using a server that doesn’t save email addresses and phone numbers provided by customers during the order process to give their customers a peace of mind. This is their way of ensuring customers that their information will be kept confidential and won’t be used for marketing purposes in the future.


For an internet pharmacy to trust, choose an online store with a good track record, experience, offers options, and has good customer reviews. These are the signs that you can trust it as an internet drugstore. Remember that you are buying a drug that you need in order to get better and if you cannot trust your store in the first place, how much more the drugs that they will send to you?

With its good customer reviews, 17 years of experience, and a wide range of products to offer from FDA approved pharmaceutical companies, we are awarding a 5-star rating to Cheap Rx.