Review – Online Pharmacy with Conflicting Locations was an online store that was also known as or was rather part of According to their website, this online pharmacy had operated for 5 years prior to closing down. Their main goal was to give people a worldwide access to prescription medicines that were cheap, safe, and effective. Their promise was to give customers up to 90% savings on their medicines.

Based on the information I found on the web archive, Modalert was a Canadian pharmacy that provided generic and prescription medicines to their customers worldwide. For prescription medicines, they require customers to present one before dispensing prescription medicines. If their customer doesn’t have a valid prescription, they offer a consultation for a very minimal fee with their licensed doctors.  Although they shipped prescription medicines, this online pharmacy doesn’t ship narcotic or controlled substance like Tylenol and Valium.

Modalert had more than thousands of medicines on their list. Customers with a prescription can just send their prescription and Modalert will prepare and send ship it for them. Since the website was no longer active, finding prices of specific medicine was no longer possible. This online pharmacy had offered ED drugs such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. The branded and generic form of these medicines were available from this internet shop.

Customers of Modalert were able to process their orders and pay with credit card and E-Check. Customers who ordered at least $99 worth of medicines (this is for generic medicines and$299 for prescription medicines) were given free shipping. The price of shipping for orders below $99 depends on the country of destination of the order.  For all orders, there was an $8 handling fee and there was an additional standard shipping rate of $10 to 55 on top of the shipping or delivery price. The standard shipping charge depends on the order’s country of destination as well. Delivery can take up to 2 months according to this internet shop and the fastest can be within 15 business days. On their home page advertisement though, it showed that the $8 was the shipping fee.

Customers who canceled their orders were charged a cancellation fee of $25. Customers who ordered prescription medicines were not allowed to return their orders. Customers with lost or damaged orders were advised to contact their support team in order to solve the issue. can be reached through their ‘contact us’ page and live chat support. They also had phone support that can be reached at 1-866-799-3435. Their fax numbers were 1-866-793-2987 and 1-514-227-5271. Reviews

Since was part of, I expected tons of customer reviews for this internet shop. PharmaWebGlobal was a big online pharmacy and so was Modalert. Unfortunately, this online pharmacy had no customer feedback posted on third-party websites. It looks like all the great things they were talking about can only be found on their home page! Reviews 2017

With no customer review to use and compare against the claims of Modalert, I went ahead and checked its status is a website that runs reputation analysis of another website, determining if the website was fake or not!


According to, Modalert was not from Canada additional they operated in the Netherlands or in the Russian Federation. Even if they provided an address for their customers to send their concerns, the address was a PO Box address and perhaps it was just rented. Also, said that the site was a new site when their page had said that it had been operating for more than 5 years prior to its closing down! Coupon Codes

As mentioned on their shipping page, they offered free shipping to customers who ordered generic medicines worth $99 and prescription medicines worth $299.


For customers who wanted to save a few bucks every time they refill their prescription, this promotion was a good one to take advantage of.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy known as or as part of This online pharmacy was now inactive. Their physical address was listed at P.O. Box 370, Postal Unit B, Montreal, QC H3B 3J7, Canada although revealed that this online drugstore operated from the Netherlands.

Modalert had a lot of medicines to offer. Since it was no longer active, I was unable to check on the prices of their drugs. They did offer ED medicines such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. The medicines offered by this internet shop were prescription and generic medicines. doesn’t have customer review to back up their claims on how reliable they were as an online store. The medicines they offered were from manufacturers all over the world such as the UK, New Zealand, India, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Fiji, South Africa, and Israel. With a promised saving of up to 90%, it would be great to find a customer review that can prove it. Also, a customer review sharing how effective their medicines were could be of great help. With no one to prove their reliability, I am bound to conclude that these were just empty promises of a scamming online drug store.

According to reputation analysis website,, Modalert was a website involved with a high-risk country. was unable to determine the exact location of Modalert saying that it can be in the Netherlands or in the Russian Federation. This result was contradictory to the fact they had on their website that says they were in Canada!

With no customer review, conflicting information about its location, too many charges such as handling fee and standard shipping fee on top of the actual shipping rate, too many promises without proof and too much discount offered, I am giving this internet shop a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.