Review – Closed Drugstore with Contradicting Scam Analysis and Zero Reviews used to an online pharmacy in the distribution of Xenical, Valium, Reductil and the men’s power charge where the branded versions of; 20mg of Cialis in a pile of six went for $ 115.58 while 50mg of Viagra in a dozen cost $ 116.76. It was not possible to tell whether the generic drugs supplied by the store were approved by the FDA the uncertainty was also found in the issue of prescription which was not clarified.

 Payment used to be done using the Visa and the mastercard in addition to the CashU which is the latest e-commerce payment platform that is well devised to keep off credit card frauds. It is more inclusive in that it incorporates customers who shy off from giving their personal and financial information while transacting with the site. Contacts were developed through the emails that had been provided by the virtual shop. The majority of the stores complement this service with the phone number provided and a live support system. The site used to offer its consumers across the oceans with free shipping services in addition to legitimate products if their claims were something to be believed without a shred of doubt. The transportation was done via FedEx within 72 hours ensuring that the clients received their medications as soon as possible. Delays at the postal office due to strikes or holidays were unavoidable, and the site was not responsible for them neither was it ready to cater for the losses encountered if the packages were held at customs. The pharmacy was confident concerning the status of its consignments because it did not have a cover for defective goods and assured its consumers to get them in the best state. I have always been within my concern to hear from the customers through the testimonials posted on the vendor’s site. Reviews had no reviews making it impossible to penetrate to the perspectives of its consumers. It had also lacked user remarks from other consumer reviewing sites an aspect that stimulated my memory to flash back on an incidence that I had encountered some time back. It was my first time to shop for drugs online after I had been influenced to it by a peer discussion over lunch with a few workmates stating that it was the safest. Another one had it that it was cost effective especially for over the counter drugs which I had gotten used to galloping due to migraines. The issue of these stores offering extra information for educative purposes which would have made it easier to understand my dosage and the interactions of the drugs. To cut a long story short, I experimented it and observed all their opinions passing the test of time. What they did not unveil was the gravity of user reviews which my ignorance had lied to me that they were a form of advertisement that did not concern me as much. First things first, my order was delivered two weeks late with most of the tablets broken in different pieces, the e-store had no refund policy, and its user feedbacks were dominated with similar complaints. It was then that I started taking my time to read the testimonials and test examine their authenticity an act that has saved me lots of disappointments in exchange to nostalgic shopping over the internet. Reviews 2017

The best way of verifying the site is through the lenses of the scam advisers and in this case the starts my analysis by discouraging the users from browsing and purchasing from the store. The site had been said to lack a trust record and a few visitations from clients. It was a good thing that it had been declared as a scam neither was it sad to be a malware to some of its users however the fraud consultant did not consider such extremities and so it accorded it (0 out of 100) % safe rates.

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In an attempt to seek a less harsh opinion that would not only enlighten me further but also match up with my good scores, I decided to obtain the counsel of the Faithful to my instincts although above my expectations the e-store was said to have had a high trust rating.

image2 1 was granted (93 out of 100) % safe rates in addition to its unknown popularity levels and country of origin regardless of the fact that the owner had hidden its essential details from the public. It was from that lesson when I realized that lack of reviews is not an automatic sign that the vendor was deceitful. Coupon Codes had no coupon codes. It alternatively graced its consumers who were scattered across the globe with free navigation services within three days from the dispatching date. Its difference from other sites who offer the same service was that it did not peg the supply to a particular monetary value of the purchases made; on to the second diverging point was that it did not make the use of the airmail service which tends to be cheaper and takes the eternity to deliver the parcels.

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The bone of contention being saving other channels that were used to achieve it used to be free blister packs and promotional discounts to bulk buyers and returning clients.

Conclusion had no reviews neither did it have a variety of saving options as it remained loyal to free shipping services. It obtained dismal safe rates from the which was (0 out of 100) % contrary to the which accorded it (94 out of 100) % trust rates regardless of its unknown popularity and country of origin. Mine is to grant it 2- stars out of 5 since it is closed and had a potential of being credible.