Review – This Closed Shop Sold Narcotics and Controlled Substances without Prescription! was an online store with records from the web archives spanning from 2013 to 2017. The store functioned for several years and stayed longer on the web than most online drugstores, as on the average, web pharmacy stores only last for a year. During my last visit to the domain, I saw no shop—there was nothing on the domain apart from a “for sale” message and several advertisement keywords.

The Internet Wayback Machine provided several screenshots of the former store during the times when it was still active. Records dated as far back as 2013 and ended in 2017, although the store’s previous snapshots revealed that Online Pharma 24h’s shop was for sale since 2014. According to the retrieved details for this web pharmacy, claimed to be the number one mail-order pharmacy service and also stated that it offered affordable medications to consumers desiring to get lower prices for their medical needs. was not an actual online pharmacy—this shop was an online prescription service or an escrow service which took buyer orders from its clients and forwarded them to local pharmacies affiliated with the store.

Although the store provided information about its goals as an online pharmacy, the Online Pharma 24h did not provide any concrete information such as its contact details and its history. This shop offered medications for weight loss, pain relief, sleeping, muscles, anxiety, and erectile dysfunction. cited that these products were approved by the FDA and were safe to use; however, the store also offered products which were supposedly illegal to sell, such as Tramadol, Valium, and Xanax, products which were considered as controlled substances. sold these medications and the others without prescriptions, which was against the pharmacy legislations.

Although it appears that the best-selling products on were the narcotic drugs, the store also sold erectile dysfunction products such as generic Viagra, generic Cialis, and generic Levitra. sold these items for a minimum of 30 pills per transaction; as for the prices, the store charged $135 for the generic Viagra and charged $109 for generic Cialis. Since the minimum purchase was 30 pills per transaction, the store was not an ideal place to do test purchases on. only shipped the medications via EMS, which guaranteed the items arrive in 14 days max. Shipping was not free, though, but the shop did not disclose how much it charged for its EMS shipping. As for the payments, the store honored only credit cards such as AMEX, VISA, and MasterCard.

This store, today, is closed, and there is no news about the store’s disappearance on review and blog platforms. Reviews

Reviews are essential for every selling platform, as they give other consumers an overview of what to expect from a certain online site. The store, however, did not have buyer testimonials for its service from various sources such as review sites and forum platforms.

Online pharmacy sites usually have comments from its buyers from review sites and discussion threads. are able to gain pleasant testimonials for its service, while the bad ones get complaints from consumers as well. There is no clear reason why Online Pharma 24h had no reviews for its service, though, but I believe that it is due to the store’s lack of good marketing skills for its brand. Reviews 2017

This Online Pharma 24h was inaccessible since 2014 so the store did not have consumer references to it for years after 2014. I was able to get data for the shop using other web platforms, though, such as Scamner and Scam Adviser:

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Scamner gave the store 0 out of 100 points for its dependability due to the store’s lack of an SSL certificate. Shops offering service but without SSL certificates put consumers at risk of getting their data stolen from them by hackers. also identified that this store did not have trust records, which added to the unreliability of the store.

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Scam Adviser did not award a zero score for its service, but the shop was rated 43/100 and was marked as an unsafe site. Apart from being labeled as an unreliable store, Online Pharma 24h was also given a ROGUE store status and was determined to have malware reports. Coupon Codes

Concerning coupons and voucher discounts, had none. Online pharmacies are known to be less stingy than the ground drugstores an often give the clients discounts and offers of free pills, if not, conditional free shipping offers.

Online Pharma 24h did not have any client deal available on the shop, though. There were no offers of conditional free shipping or freebie pills for its buyers, and other strategies to help consumers save more money when purchasing from the store.


Online Pharma 24h is a store with records available on the web archives from 2013 to 2017. However, these retrieved files showed that the store closed in 2014, and the domain was put up for sale by the hosting service provider since then. did not have reviews for its service so I was unable to know how the shop performed in the past. Because this store is now closed, I can only give the shop a poor rating of 1 out of 5.