Online RX Review – A Pharmacy Network Trusted by Over 1,000,000 Customers

The online pharmacies which belong to the Online RX med store network boast having served more than one million customers. These websites were established as early as in 1997. Back then, online pharmacies were not a thing. However, the Online Rx pharmacy managed to keep selling their medications to people from all over the world while offering fast shipping and genuine medications. This pharmacy network usually uses two methods of shipping medications to their customers worldwide. The first method is the Airmail shipping. This is the cheapest method. It will cost you $9.95. The second method is the EMS shipping. This is the most expensive method since it will cost a customer $19.95. The difference between Airmail and EMS shipping is that Airmail will take up to 3 business weeks while EMS will take a maximum of 8 business days.

There will be no issues with your medications as long as the domain address you follow while purchasing your meds belongs to the Online Rx drugstore network. The major issue which can lead you to mess your life without actually knowing it is that there are scam sites which have been created. These scam pharmacies look exactly like the websites in the Online Rx network. The only way to make sure that you don’t get scammed is to not trust sites which you load using random domain addresses even if the sites look like a pharmacy you know is genuine.

Online RX Reviews

The Online Rx pharmacy network has been in business for long enough. They should at least have some feedback from their previous users which could help us determine how they usually perform. When we checked for the network reviews, we were not disappointed. We were able to locate them. Here are some of them:

Online RX Testimonials

As the prices continue to rise in the local stores, an ideal network would be one which offers the lowest prices. As the first reviewer confirms, you will have the ability to find great prices for the meds you need at any of the Online RX pharmacies. Receiving medications on time is important to every medication shopper. Online RX pharmacy network is aware of this. The second reviewer confirms that you will receive your order on time. What you will get will work perfectly too.

The final reviewer confirms that he paid a low price for his meds. After navigating various online med stores, he says that the Online RX pharmacy turned out to be the best. The quality of the meds is great. After making 4 orders at different times, the medications have always arrived without any delays.

Online RX Online

All websites in the Online RX Network will resemble each other. They will sell you the same medication, they will have the same medication price, the same shipping rate. In short, the only way to know you are using a different website in the Online RX network is by checking the domain address you have used to load the website. Any website in the network will look exactly as follows:

Online RX Websites Homepage

All web pharmacies in the Online RX pharmacy network have received accreditation from MIPA, CIPA, and they are also approved by Pharmacy Checker which is an internet program that checks for pharmacies which offer both genuine and quality medication. Online RX will offer you a wide variety of products. They have thousands of medications in their catalog. They have organized these medications in categories to make it easier for the buyer to find what he or she is looking for.

The prices are cheap which is one factor that has attracted over a million buyers so far. Another thing that makes people source their meds from the Online RX pharmacy network in large numbers is the ability to purchase meds even if you don’t have a prescription. You will never get any controlled medication, narcotic, or a drug that has not been approved by the FDA at any of the Online RX network drug stores.

Online RX Coupon Codes

Online RX pharmacies offer various offers to their customers. These include free shipping, free bonus pills, and even automatic discounts. You will never get access to these offers unless you add your products to the cart. Here is a sample cart for Propecia:

Online RX Discount and Other Offers

You will get a chance to choose your bonus from the three most popular erectile dysfunction meds. You will get free shipping via Airmail as long as your order costs more than $200. You will get free EMS shipping as long as your order exceeds $300. You will also get a 10% discount automatically.

Online RX Phone Numbers

The Online RX pharmacy network customer service department is always one call away. You can reach them by simply dialing one of the following telephone numbers:

  • +1-718-487-9792
  • +4420-3239-7092

Their contact page has a form that you can fill out to send the team an email.

Online RX Spam and Phone Calls

Our research has proven that Online RX drug stores are not affiliated with any spamming. There are no complaints on the web from people who indicate that they got spammed after sourcing their meds from any of the Online RX websites. The only comments we found were from happy customers who had received exactly what they had ordered and received it on time.


As a pharmacy network that is not affiliated with any spam calls, has a good customer support department which will handle your queries very quickly, offers low prices and other discounts, and has all the meds you need, Online RX deserves a 5-star rating. Serving over one million customers is not an easy thing to achieve. Online RX pharmacies have achieved this and managed to keep their customers interested. They have not attracted any negative comments due to offering great services. Before ordering from a pharmacy that looks like the one in the Online RX network, first ensure that it is genuine. Avoid duplicate scam sites.