Review – Informational Website with Poor Ratings from Assessment Platforms is not an , but a database of web pharmacies, both functioning and non-functioning. However, this website is now inaccessible but the domain redirects to another website with an identical content, the site There is no clear reason why the original site was obliterated and the domain now redirects to another web address, as the web does not have information about the shift of to

There was no information about the inception of this web platform, although as I checked its records on the web archive, the was visible from 2011 until 2017. Although Online Pharmacy Search moved to another domain, there were no clues on the web archives regarding the transfer of data from to the new website.

There was also no information on the web archives regarding this site’s location—the platform merely notified the consumers about its mission as a website. According to the “About Us” section of, it was an independent community which aimed to help buyers to make smarter choices when it came to sourcing their medicines on the web. also explicitly stated that it did not function as an online store, but was only a hub containing data for 9000+ web pharmacies. offered its search function for consumers needing information on “Top Pharmacies”, “US Pharmacies”, “European Pharmacies”, “Indian Pharmacies”, and “Generic Pharmacies”. This website offered information for both active and inactive online pharmacies; in the case of “unavailable” or nonfunctional sites, offered pharmacy suggestions

Apart from the pharmacy search per the aforementioned categories, Online Pharmacy Search also offered drug price searches for various products such as Viagra, Tadacip, Levitra, Diflucan Cialis, Amoxicillin, Zithromax, and various others. As the buyers search the keywords for the medicines, provides a list of online pharmacies offering the meds and their corresponding prices for the medications. offered concise information for the shops such as their payment methods, shipping rates and length of delivery, and the areas they cater to. For instance, yielded results for Viagra-selling stores such as,, and and also listed all the prices for their Viagra products, along with the delivery rates.

Since was not an actual online store, the platform did not process orders for medicines—it only presented information for various web pharmacies. Also, there were no discussions on topics such as FDA approvals of the medications, fixed shipping rates, and guarantees for the shipping for the products.

Although is now closed, the platform exists now as, which has the same content as the former domain. Reviews

Online Pharmacy Search probably benefitted a number of visitors due to the information available for a good number of online pharmacies on the website. I like that the platform asked nothing from the clients—this was one of the only few sites which offered assistance without asking consumers to sign up or do purchases. did not even endorse online pharmacies to shop from—it only presented information for the websites.

Unfortunately, the website did not have reviews available on the web. There were no consumers discussing how the information on has helped them. This platform may not have had reviews because it did not sell anything and therefore did not require feedback from its visitors. Reviews 2017

In order to gather more information on Online Pharmacy Search, I used several domain assessment platforms since the website did not have reviews for its service from the usual online sources. Because the reviews were unavailable, it is a good thing that several domain assessing sites have details for

The outcome of the analysis for was not good, though—the site only garnered 0 points for its service from Scamner and it was because of its lack of an SSL certificate. Also, it was interesting that was allegedly reported as an online scam, so Scamner advised against the purchase of products on—which was odd, considering the site was not an actual store.

image1 3

The same bad result was given to the platform by Scam Adviser—according to the result of its analysis for the informational website, only deserved 0 points out of 100 despite its popularity in the Alexa rankings.

Reports for the untrustworthiness of the site existed and the site was also given a “rogue” rating since 2014. Apart from this, was also given a low-reliability rating by other websites and was known to involve a high number of deemed “suspicious” sites on its server. Coupon Codes

Although was not a store, it offered several coupon codes for clients planning to purchase from web pharmacies listed on its pages. The coupons were for various online shops and some of the examples of the codes were illustrated in the image below:

image2 3 listed 5 to 10% discount codes from online pharmacies such as,,,, and several others. Apart from this, also indicated which shops offered free shipping and had freebies for their clients.

Conclusion is now called—the old website, redirects to this web pharmacy database containing about 9000+ websites. This Online Pharmacy Search is not an actual pharmacy—it only contained succinct information for some web pharmacies and neither did it endorse drug selling platforms to its visitors.

It was puzzling to see bad reports for this website, though; despite not having good or bad reviews, the site had poor ratings from reliable domain evaluating websites. Because is now nonexistent and redirects, this platform may only be given a score of 1 out of 5.