Overnightmedicine.com Review – Fraudulent Online Store to Avoid When Looking for Medications on the Internet  

Overnightmedicine.com was an online pharmacy that dealt in a variety of drugs for some time since it started its operations in the US. This web page is currently out of service. However, I was keen to obtain some information from their official website about the company. Such information includes the drugs sold there and the variety on show. Sadly, it does not mention of when it was started or when it came online. The simple and user-friendly interface tends to focus mainly on product prices, mode of payment and discounts they offered.

Overnightmedicine.com dealt in a variety of medications ranging from men’s health, antidepressants, antibiotics, sexual enhancing drugs among others. Their best performing category of drugs in terms of sales were Viagra priced at $0.69 per pill and Cialis $ 189.66 per 10mg bottle.

Overnightmedicine.com accepted payments made via Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, XOOM, TransferWise, and Circle. They also accepted payments made using BitCoins. They had not done enough in regards to building the customers confidence bearing in mind that this kind of business is inclined to be flooded with counterfeit products from unscrupulous dealers. It’s unclear if they dealt with authentic drugs approved by the FDA or any regulatory body mandated to check the quality of pharmaceutical drugs being sold.

It’s worth citing that overnightmedicine.com has not provided details on their return policies or their shipment procedures. The absence of such vital information just makes this online pharmacy create an undesirable first impression on potential customers willing to inquire about their services. Customers willing to make complaints or make inquiries to the customer care desk could use the number 1-866-723-2631 inside the US for assistance. Additionally, another number was provided for order verification which was as follows: 1-866-723-3106. I found it strange that this online pharmacy information does not shed light on shipment details implying that they did not ship drugs outside the US.

Overnightmedicine.com Reviews

It’s quite obvious that reviews are a testimony of consumers’ experience. They are useful to potential buyers before actually engaging in any business transactions with a vendor they are not familiar with. Customer reviews are unquestionably the best methods of gauging vendors’ credibility status. Therefore, I skimmed through Overnightmedicine.com searching for any kind of reviews and found none. I also explored the internet apart from their main site but could not find any review whatsoever. This really spoke volumes as to why the site is currently out of service. This confirms that this site was an elaborate scheme to rip-off unsuspecting buyers of their hard earned money. It did not serve customers. It’s better to be safe than sorry so I resolved to look for other reputable vendors offering similar kind of drugs with guaranteed return policies and discounts. I recommend that any potential buyer avoid this pharmacy at all cost and look elsewhere.

Overnightmedicine.com Reviews 2017

Apart from customer reviews, it’s advisable that you check the authenticity of any website using fraud detecting sites that raise red flags in the event a fraudulent site is exposed. These sites reveal crucial information about a site such as traffic, reviews, and ratings. Scamadviser is an example of such sites. According to Scamadviser.com, Overnightmedicine.com has been rated as an unsafe website whose real location is being hidden.

This review from Scamadviser.com adds more evidence to the whole legitimacy issue, confirming the nonexistence of critical information. Scamadvisers.com has warned consumers to keep off the site terming it as a very risky site.    

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To avoid a one-sided argument about the pharmacy, I searched for an alternative reputable scam analyzer to give some insight on the legitimacy of the site too. I selected to use Legitscript.com to scrutinize the authenticity of overnightmedicine.com.  

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Overnightmedicine.com does not also meet the necessary verification standards of legitscript.com thus falling into the rogue pharmacy category. They also recognize that the site has been offline for some time. Some reasons they gave for them to substantiate their claims are that either the pharmacy engaged in fraudulent businesses or that they dispensed drugs without adhering to the laws. These laws are put in place by regulatory bodies in the respective field.  

Overnightmedicine.com Coupon Codes

When you buy anything, you would want to get the best deals to save some money. Vendors do whatever is necessary to keep customers happy by handing out gifts or giving discounts to attract other customers and keep the existing ones.

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Promotional tools such as offering coupons and discounts are the common incentives used nowadays. Overnightmedicine.com offered discounts on every purchase paid for using bitcoin. I found that this was not enough to lure customers into buying drugs from their store. This could explain the low customer numbers.


Having done my research on Overnightmedicine.com I was not quite convinced that they met the customers’ expectations if they had any. Suffice to say, Overnightmedicine.com is not online anymore. Either it shut down due to lack of clients or it was seized by the authorities. The information provided by overnightmedicine.com is scanty, painting a negative picture about the pharmacy. They did not pay much attention to the important details like shipping costs, the store location and where they got their medicines from. As a potential customer, I would avoid doing any kind of transaction with them because of all the uncertainties they raise. I chose to look elsewhere so that I would be guaranteed products of the highest quality. I highly recommend that customers avoid such bogus online vendors out to dupe unsuspecting customers into buying their medicines. Bearing all this in mind I would give this suspicious online pharmacy a 1 on a scale of 1-5.