Review – Pain Relief Pharmacy That Couldn’t Convince People to Buy from Them

Pain-relief-pharm was an online pharmacy that is currently offline. The pharmacy mostly dealt in the distribution of drugs to customers around the globe. It’s unclear as to where their store is based because they did not mention that on their homepage. They also listed the various categories of drugs they dealt in such as antibiotic drugs, blood pressure, antidepressants, men’s health just to name a few. sold Erectile Dysfunction pills under their Men’s health category of drugs. Some of the ED pills they sold included:

  • Viagra (Sildenafil) at $99 (They did not specify the quantity)
  • Cialis at $129 (They did not specify the quantity)
  • Levitra at $199 (They did not specify the quantity)

They emphasized the importance of producing a prescription from a qualified medical practitioner before ordering certain categories of drugs that require prescriptions. If you were not in possession of a prescription from a doctor, they had licensed doctors who would write a prescription for you. However, these prescriptions were not legal. shipped their orders via Registered Airmail. Their consignments took approximately 10 to 20 business days. Shipping drugs from overseas attracted a hefty charge of $30 per product which they termed as the handling fee. When ordering more than one product, another $20 was the fee charged for the extra product. So, if for instance, you ordered one item, you paid $30, 2 items, $50, 3 items, $70 and so forth. In case a shipment was delayed or was lost, and not delivered within 21 days from the day the order was placed, the customer was entitled to a refund. accepted a few modes of payment including Visa, MasterCard, Diners, western union, and E-gold. Other forms of payment were not accepted. There were strict rules when placing an order and violation of these rules could lead to cancellation of orders. These include falsification of personal information and failure to settle debts owed to the pharmacy. Their help care phone numbers are not provided but customers are provided with a form to fill so as to reach the customer care desk. Reviews

I found no reviews on their official website so I went on to source reviews from independent consumer forums. Whenever I want to buy drugs from an online pharmacy, information pertaining the customer service is important. This is where customer reviews come in handy. I found some reviews at

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Various customers rated differently. A fitting example of such a customer goes by the name Claudia. Claudia was inquiring about a drug known as Bontril and she wanted to know whether anyone had successfully ordered the drug. She was reluctant to order with them since they didn’t have the original drug but a substitute of the drug. Here is what she said, “Hi, please if you have ordered online botril and you were satisfied with the product, shipment etc. please post the link.” She was also concerned that their prices were too high compared to other pharmacies. This is an example of an unbiased review that sheds light on the kind of pharmacy it really is.

Nic had ordered Vicodin from but did not receive the drugs he had ordered. He had disputed the matter and was waiting for a response. He was “giving them the benefit of the doubt.” Reviews 2017

Many online pharmacies are bogus. Unless you verify the validity of these sites, you are vulnerable to the devious tactics employed by most online pharmacies. Scam sites can be easily identified with the help of scam analyzing sites such as the did a review and unearthed some shocking facts about

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One of the revelations they made is that this internet pharmacy is Australian based but may also be from India. The uncertainties surrounding the location details are a clear indication that the pharmacy conducted its business on false pretenses. They have labeled the pharmacy as a treat urging customers to be cautious. Another scam analyzing site known as shared the same sentiments on the legitimacy of

image3 5 is known to generate accurate verdicts on any online pharmacy. The outcome of my scan recommended that I should avoid browsing or buying anything from the site. They also indicated that did not have too many visitors. They gave a rating of 0%. Coupon Codes

Incentives such as coupon codes and discounts are an assured way of keeping customers or luring potential customers to buy from a business. Pain-relief-pharm had no record of discount codes or coupon codes available in spite of their high medicine prices. My guess is that the pharmacy was not keen on expanding their customer base. To convince most people to buy, you have to give away some discount offers. As a customer looking to save some money while buying medications, I would not buy from I would definitely look for my meds elsewhere to get better deals. I would also recommend that you go look for your pills elsewhere.


Pain-relief-pharmacy was a dubious internet pharmacy. It is currently offline for good reason. did not have a good reputation judging from the reviews. The scam detecting sites also warned us to steer clear of They lacked the necessary documentation from legal authorities and vital information pertaining their location. Those are some of the alarming factors that led me to this conclusion. I would give a 1 on a scale of 1 to 5 for their troubles.