Pharmacy Mall Review: Your Reliable Network of Online Pharmacies

Pharmacy Mall is a group of internet drugstores that bear Pharmacy Mall logo. It is a group of websites that have one goal, to sell generic and branded medicines at the lowest price possible. There are different networks of online pharmacies that you can find on the web today but why choose a Pharmacy Mall network?

  • All members of the Pharmacy Mall network only sells Food and Drug Administration approved medicines. Even their generic drugs from different countries are approved by its manufacturer’s local FDA
  • All members of the Pharmacy Mall network offer affordable medicines. As their website says, they offer the best price for any medicine on the web
  • All members of the Pharmacy Mall network dispense medicines without asking for a prescription. Not that they don’t care, they just understand the hassle of needing a prescription when the main reason why people are ordering medicines online is because they are too busy to sit and wait for their doctor to give them a prescription
  • All members of the Pharmacy Mall network promises great customer service that comes with their high-quality products. In fact, they are boosting a total of 1 million happy customers, a proof of their great service

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

One of the ways for online stores to win new customers is by providing excellent service. In return, they can win more customers that could turn into long-time customers. Returning customers are also considered as happy customers that have the tendency to write reviews. Reviews are often used by new customers when choosing a store to choose. With good reviews, your chance of winning new customers is higher.

After checking some of the shared customer reviews for the different Pharmacy Mall websites, we can say that they indeed served their customers well.

Pharmacy Mall Customer Reviews
Pharmacy Mall Customer Reviews

In the above reviews, we found Pharmacy Mall customers from Italy, Austria, Germany, and Deutschland. These people are expressing their satisfaction and happiness with the service and products they are receiving from Pharmacy Mall. One customer even said that he has been ordering from this e-store, hence he considers himself a loyal customer.

One customer by the name of Charles expressed his joy with the savings he is making every time he makes an order from this e-dispensary. As compared to the price of his medicine from his local drugstore, he said he is able to save more online.

Another customer expressed his satisfaction with the quality of the drug he is receiving while another one shared how thankful he is or the low-priced medicine he is receiving.

Indeed, the drugstores under the Pharmacy Mall network are reliable when it comes to the quality of the medicine being offered and in providing satisfying customer service.

Pharmacy Mall Online

Pharmacy Mall Website
Pharmacy Mall Website

The Pharmacy Mall websites are easy to use. Most are available in the English language but customers around the world can choose if they want to have their website in other languages. All websites of Pharmacy Mall are available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Spanish.

The network of Pharmacy Mall is large. With one main name, all of its websites are offering medicines at the same price. They offer the cheapest generic Viagra that you can find online at $0.27 per piece. They also offer the cheapest generic Cialis pill at $0.68 per tablet. If you want to try different erectile dysfunction medicines because you want to check which one works the best, you can also try their ED packs. ED packs are composed of different ED tablets.

All online pharmacies that belong to the Pharmacy Mall network offer FDA approved medicines. They also offer generic and branded drugs. Not all branded medicines have generic counterpart so be aware of if your medicine has a generic counterpart or not. These online drugstores are not asking for a prescription when selling Rx drugs yet they encourage their customers to be responsible and be safe by talking to a doctor first before taking any medicine.

At Pharmacy Mall, they always want the best for their customers hence they offer worldwide shipping. If the order is above $200, shipping fee is waived. In addition, all e-stores under the Pharmacy Mall banner are promised a guaranteed shipping.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

Having a coupon code when ordering online is like hitting the jackpot. It means having more savings on your order. Most online stores offer coupon codes and discounts as a way of enticing new customers. It is also their way of keeping old customers and making them loyal customers.

To date, Pharmacy Mall networks are not offering any coupon codes. The prices of their products are extremely affordable hence offering a coupon code might make it free. Despite not having a coupon code, Pharmacy Mall network is still a hit among online shoppers because of perks such as free bonus pills upon checkout and free shipping on orders above $200.

Pharmacy Mall Free Offers
Pharmacy Mall Free Offers

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

There are two ways to reach the customer service of all Pharmacy Mall network. Since it is a network of online pharmacies, they are using the same line across all websites. The number to dial in case of queries are 718 487 9792 for customers in the US and 4420 3239 7092 for customers in the UK. Customers from the other side of the world can reach them via their ‘contact us’ page. The contact us page requires some information like email address and the name of the customers.

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

Pharmacy Mall wants assures all customers of their privacy and confidentiality of their provided information. This means that any phone calls or emails you will receive bearing the Pharmacy Mall logo are not associated with this online drugstore.


After checking some of the online pharmacies associated with the Pharmacy Mall network, we can say that this network deserves more and needs to reach more people in order to help more people. They have been around since 1997 and for the last 20 years, have been giving service and medicines at the lowest price possible. We are giving it a rating of 5 out of 5 for its reliable and affordable service.