Quick Hemorrhoid Pain Relief Methods

Hemorrhoids are swollen mass protruding lesions within the anal area. They are also known as piles and can erupt anytime if you fail to take good care of them right away. If you leave them untreated, they may even lead to serious infection and may erupt. Oftentimes, long term relief is possible with lifestyle modification and diet.

The Importance of Hygiene

In order to ensure long-term hemorrhoid pain relief, you should do everything possible to minimize irritation to your anorectal area. You can do that easily by keeping it as clean as possible at all times. Since this region will be intensely tender and sore in many instances, it’s best to use wipes, towelettes, or a good herb, such as witch hazel to keep this area clean. Once you reduce the amount of irritation in your anorectal region, you will be able to reduce itchiness and swelling often associated with the onset of hemorrhoids.

Quick Hemorrhoid Pain Relief Methods

Vicks Vapor Rub

This might sound little off-the-wall, but it’s definitely an effective remedy that some sufferers swear by. Take some Vicks Vapor Rub and apply it on your hemorrhoids. Initially you might feel some burning sensation, but after few minutes, it will cool down and soothe this area, and will help bring down inflammation.

You can also try warm sitz baths by adding some Vicks vapor rub directly into the warm water for a much better effect.

Witch Hazel

Various components of this herb have proven their effectiveness in reducing swelling and easing the pain due to hemorrhoids. Apply it using a compress or cotton ball and hold on to the area for at least 10 minutes for best possible results.


You can place ice pack directly on your hemorrhoids as this can provide instant relief from irritation and pain. The ice will cool off the area of contact and is also very useful in reducing the swelling.

Warm Sitz Bath

Sitz bath can provide long-term relief from hemorrhoids in several ways; reducing the itchiness and swelling, soothing hemorrhoids and also helping to keep the entire area clean. For best possible results you should try to take 2 to 3 sitz baths every day.

Hemorrhoid Creams and Ointment

If you want quick relief midst flare-ups, you can use over-the-counter hemorrhoids creams, sprays or tablets. The best products in this category are formulated to reduce inflammation and pain during the episode. You can even use them on a long-term basis without any side effects. The best ones on the market are Venapro, Avatrol or HemRid, as they have proved their efficacy amongst thousands of users. You will positively get a lasting relief within days.

Although some methods may not help you get rid of hemorrhoids completely, but using these creams or sprays in combination with natural remedies in the middle of flare-ups can definitely give the much needed relief from the pain.

To completely get rid of your hemorrhoids, you should try to embrace a healthier diet and lifestyle which includes eating a fiber rich diet and lots of mild exercises because curing hemorrhoids begins with healing your body from the inside out!