What are the treatments for amenorrhea

Amenorrhea is a condition in a female at her reproductive age while menstruation becomes completely absent. It contains two different phases, the first being primary and next is secondary.

The first stage is common in the adolscent girl of fourteen to sixteen years where bleeding and other usual sexual growth get stranded.

Root cause:

This is at the phase of puberty even prior the girl has began the periodic cycle.

The secondary stage of armnorrhea is when a women who has been menstruating all though stops menstruating suddenly. This condition occurs in absence of several reasons responsible for the similar such as pregnancy,lactation, consumption of contraceptive pills or menopause.

The treatment for amenorrhea is based up on the root cause and the health condition as well as goals of the person.

If it is caused through lifestyle factors, the doctor may recommend changes in certain areas.

Modifications in the lifestyle:

1. Weight: Being underweight or over weight can affect the menstrual cycle.

Reaching and maintaining a good weight always assists balanced level of hormones and restore the menstrual cycle.

2. Stress: Check the places of stress in the life and lessen the things that are making stress.

If you cannot be able to reduce the stress, you can get help from your friends, family members, your doctor or a professional listener like a counselor.

3. Physical activity level: You may want to modify or adjust the physical activity level to aid restart the menstrual cycle.

Discuss with the doctor and your trainer regarding how to practice in a method that keeps the health and menstrual cycles.

Be careful about the changes in the cycle and check with the health professional if you have any problem.

Maintain a record of when the period takes place.

Write down the date the period begins, days it lasts and any issue you face.

The first day of bleeding is considered to be the first day of your menstrual sequence.

Treatment for primary stage:

For primary amenorrhea, based up on your age and the outcome of the ovary performance test, the doctors may suggest watchful waiting. If the ovary performance test reveals luteinizing hormone levels or low follicle stimulating levels, menstruation may be delayed.

In girls with a family record of delays periods, this type of delay is normal.

Primary stage of amenorrhea is caused by genetic or chromosomal issues may need surgery. Female with a genetic status known as 46, XY gonadal dysgensis contain one X and one Y chromosome.

The ovaries do not grow normally, it raises the danger of cancer making in the ovaries. The ovaries are always eliminated by laparoscopic surgery to avoid or decrease the danger or cancer.

For secondary amenorrhea based up on the cause, may include surgical or medical treatment or mixture of the two methods.

Treatment for secondary amenorrhea:

Birth control tablets or other kinds of hormonal medicines. Some oral contraceptives may assist restart the periods cycle.

Medicines to assists to relieve the signs of PCO’s, clomiphene citrate therapy is always suggested to assist trigger ovulation.

ERT or estrogen replacement therapy may assist balance hormonal level and begin the cycle in females with POI or primary ovarian insufficiency or FXPOI or fragile X related primary ovarian insufficiency. Female with this always face signs of menopause like hot flashes and night sweats.

ERT replaces the level of estrogen a lady body must be creating naturally for a common menstrual cycle. More over it may assist females with FXPOI reduce the danger for osteoporosis the bone disease.

It can raise the danger for uterine cancer, hence the doctor may recommend progestin to lessen the danger.

Generally, medications are secure, but they may have side effects, some of which can be serious. You must talk about side effects and also risks with your health care supplier before choosing any kind of medical treatment.

Surgical procedure for amenorrhea is not common, but might be suggested in certain circumstances .

Pituitary tumors are not cancerous, however they may cause problems as they grow. Pituitary tumors may put pressure on environment blood vessels and also nerves such as the optic nerve and also can lead to loss of vision.